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A different way of being Catholic
along Colorado's Front Range



on September 19, 2021 The Rt. Rev. Kae Madden was consecrated as the ECC Rocky Mountain Region’s First Local Bishop!


All our siblings of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion are sure to join in our joy and blessings as we gather for a Zoom celebration of the ECC's 20th Anniversary! (see our Events page)

Chrism Mass 2015

Mission Statement / Being Church Together

"... together as a communion of communities in response to our baptismal call to preach the Gospel of liberation and justice; to offer a refuge in Christ for those who suffer prejudice; to stand open to dialogue with others so called and to conform our lives to the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ."

ECC Synod gathered

A Church Where Everyone Has A Voice

"... Representatives lay and ordained serve on the Council's Board of Directors and with our local bishop coordinate our common life, making decisions using a consensus model reflecting the prayerful discernments of our respective communities."

Bishop Kae Madden

Our Regional Bishop Elected By The People

"The Right Reverend Kae Madden was elected in May 2021 to be the first bishop to serve the five communities of the Rocky Mountain Region of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC).   She is the co-founder (2004) and pastor (2006) of Church of the Beloved Ecumenical Catholic Community in Northglenn."

bushel basket hiding light

Bishop Kae's invitation
to let your light shine


“You are the light of the world.  You do not build a city on a hill, then try to hide it; do you?  You do not light a lamp, then put it under a bushel basket; do you?  No, you set it on a stand where it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, your light must shine before others so that they may see your good acts, and give praise to your God in heaven.” (Mt 5:14-16, Inclusive Lectionary) 


Jesus calls us to “let our light shine.”


Sometimes the rules of the faith tradition we inherit have the effect of putting a “bushel basket” over who we are and who we are called to be.  For example, maybe we are in a committed gay relationship?  Or a woman called to priesthood?  Or a married priest?   Or we are divorced and quietly remarried?  Or?  So we hide our light.  And then…some incident or the Holy Spirit may nudge us to risk exploring alternatives.     


I was called by the Spirit to priesthood from my youth. My faith tradition did not include women priests.  Eventually, the call was so strong that I could no longer remain in the faith tradition in which I grew up – it was too restrictive.  It was painful to disentangle God’s enlivening and affirming presence within me from my family’s religion, and to move toward the radically inclusive Catholicism of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.  It took time.  Research.  Grieving. The assurance that I could be Catholic AND let my light shine.  The supportive company of others.  The experience of a Catholicism that welcomes and affirms us.  


If you are looking for an inclusive Catholicism, we are here to journey with you; we have five communities along the Front Range.  How might it feel to come out from under the bushel basket and shine? 


offering a place of welcome and affirmation


On November 7, 2022, the Denver Post reported on the Roman Archdiocese of Denver's directing its Catholic schools to deny the lived experiences of transgender youths and same-sex parents in a document entitled “Guidance for Issues Concerning the Human Person and Sexual Identity.”  In response, we have tried to articulate an alternate Catholic narrative.


As our Bishop Kae Madden said in an interview on Denver7 News, we are heart-broken that a population traditionally marginalized is being turned away by a segment of Christ's Church. See her interview here.

You can also read responses from around our Region. E.g., from St. Paul Catholic Community of Faith


Rocky Mountain Regional Synod

Our first regional Synod - it's how we do church TOGETHER with every voice heard and honored! We also celebrated a Chrism Mass and reaffirmed our ministerial commitments as baptized laity, clergy and bishops!

View the video of Chancellor George Von Stamwitz's keynote below.

ECC Presiding Bishop Pablo Burson
Easter Message 2023

Bishop Pablo preached at #RedRocksEaster, 9 April 2023

People all over the world can access the service and be spiritually inspired!

Read the Spring Newsletter from the Office of Presiding Bishop here.

Celebrating the life of
Mother Sheila Dierks
JULY 29, 1943 – FEBRUARY 20, 2023


We gathered to celebrate Mother Sheila's life on
Friday, May 5th at 10 a.m. at Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community,
The celebration was recorded on Light of Christ’s Facebook page:

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