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A different way of being Catholic
along Colorado's Front Range

The Colorado Council of Churches (CCC) is hosting a series of webinars to raise community awareness of some dimensions of the intolerance that currently plagues our Nation.

 Three-part educational series:

Next up:

"Why Christians should know about Islamophobia"

Join us for this important discussion on

Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Our presenter will be Ahmed Salih. Salih is a volunteer khateeb (a person who delivers the Friday sermons) at the Islamic Society of Colorado Springs.

Read more about it and register for the Zoom link HERE.

The first recorded webinar in the series:

"What is #ChristianNationalism, and why is everyone talking about it now?"

presented by Iliff School of Theology's Rev. Dr. Amanda Henderson. Video LINK.

PDF of a list of resources that she shared. 

(See Fr. Michael's reflection HERE)

The second in the series:
"What Christians need to know about Antisemitism"

presented by the Anti Defamation League's regional director, Scott Levin.

Video LINK 

Kae's iris.JPG

Bishop Kae's Easter Greetings

offering a place of welcome and affirmation


On April 8, 2024, the Vatican's Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith promulgated its Declaration of “Dignitas Infinita” On Human Dignity. Expressing our frustrations over the document's continued denial of our GLBTQAI+ siblings' inherent dignity and the reality of their lives ,we have responded with statements that articulate our affirming and boldly inclusive way of being Catholic. See our Bishop Kae Madden's reflection "Welcome, Support, and Dignity for ALL" among many others here.


On November 7, 2022, the Denver Post reported on the Roman Archdiocese of Denver's directing its Catholic schools to deny the lived experiences of transgender youths and same-sex parents in a document entitled “Guidance for Issues Concerning the Human Person and Sexual Identity.”  In response, we have tried to articulate an alternate Catholic narrative.


As our Bishop Kae Madden said in an interview on Denver7 News, we are heart-broken that a population traditionally marginalized is being turned away by a segment of Christ's Church. See her interview here.

You can also read responses from around our Region. E.g., from St. Paul Catholic Community of Faith

Chrism Mass 2015

Mission Statement / Being Church Together

"... together as a communion of communities in response to our baptismal call to preach the Gospel of liberation and justice; to offer a refuge in Christ for those who suffer prejudice; to stand open to dialogue with others so called and to conform our lives to the life and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ."

ECC Synod gathered

A Church Where Everyone Has A Voice

"... Representatives lay and ordained serve on the Council's Board of Directors and with our local bishop coordinate our common life, making decisions using a consensus model reflecting the prayerful discernments of our respective communities."

Bishop Kae Madden

Our Regional Bishop Elected By The People

"The Right Reverend Kae Madden was elected in May 2021 to be the first bishop to serve the five communities of the Rocky Mountain Region of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC).   She is the co-founder (2004) and pastor (2006) of Church of the Beloved Ecumenical Catholic Community in Northglenn."

ECC RMR logo.jpg

If you want a closer connection to our siblings across the Region and are curious about our consensus decision-making, join us: Thursday, May 2, 6-8:30pm for our

Monthly Regional Council Meeting
open to all

- check your community's newsletter for the Zoom link. 


"Mourning Together" (c) Michael  J. Nicosia

We hold our siblings in the Holy Land close during this time of escalated violence, and we raise our prayers to the heavens.  We acknowledge that Jews, Muslims and Christians consider this land of promise to be sacred and call it home.  We grieve not only the loss of life and and condemn all acts of terror; we also grieve the hard-heartedness that has kept people from negotiating peaceful resolutions to their conflicts and has brought us to this crisis. And so we pray...

God of All, You are to us the Father of Promise, the Mother of All Consolations. As the psalmist prayed, "in the day of distress we call to You, for surely You will answer" (Ps 86:7).  Distress is again at hand, felt in searing tears and bones chilled to the core by the horrors on display.  War and devastation have again disrupted our hope for peace in the Holy Land — holy because it is there that you have promised to draw all peoples to Yourself.  You established it as a place of safety and bounty for the anawhim, the poor ones who sought refuge from oppression while remaining faithful to You in times of difficulty.  Help us to remain faithful to humility, faithful to justice, faithful as peace-makers, faithful to love.  Have mercy on us and grant us peace.  Amen.

On Monday, October 9th, Fr. Michael attended a Community Vigil for Peace in Israel
at Temple Emmanuel, representing us and the Colorado Council of Churches.   
(See article in the Denver Gazette.)  Fr. Michael's main takeaways: 

  • The Jewish community greatly appreciates our solidarity in this time of crisis and grief; visiting clergy thanked numerous times throughout the evening.

  • Almost everyone in the local community has family members or knows individuals are who are impacted in Israel.

  • The distinction was made between supporting Zionism (Israel's right to exist and have a safe home of their own) and certain policies of the current government.

  • Similarly, one can condemn Hamas/Hezbollah/Iranian regime (who vow to destroy the Israeli state) and support the Palestinian people.

  • Terrorism and acts of war are never justifiable.

  • Israel's defense is a rare issue that has bi-partisan support in Congress.

  • Denver Mayor Mike Johnston was incredibly eloquent, speaking heart to heart and journeying with those in crisis. He shared about how parents' hearts are outside of themselves — in their children, cherished as part of themselves.
    He went on to recognize how Jewish Americans' hearts are in Israel, and assured those in attendance that he and Denver are holding them, part of our hearts, part of us. 


Regional ECC 101 Seminar Video

Members, please consider
representing your community
as a SYNOD 2024 delegate!


Rocky Mountain Regional Synod

Our first regional Synod - it's how we do church TOGETHER with every voice heard and honored! We also celebrated a Chrism Mass and reaffirmed our ministerial commitments as baptized laity, clergy and bishops!

View the video of Chancellor George Von Stamwitz's keynote below.

Forever with us ~ members of Christ's Body

Remembering our dear ones,
Mother Sheila Dierks
& Jack Wolfe

"Well done, good and faithful servants."


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