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As a radically inclusive Catholic church, all who desire to be in Communion with Christ and with us are encouraged to fully participate in the life of the church. Here are just some of the opportunities.


This online feature is a new venture for us. Feedback is appreciated.


20 years

of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

Para-Liturgy Celebration

Music, prayers and reflections by members from across the country were shared virtually on September 19, 2023

from the Office of Presiding Bishop

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2023 Inclusive Catholic Virtual Summer School

Members of our ECC Region participated in this annual continuing education event of the Independent Catholic Movement, and well as serving as presenters, panelists and worship leaders.  Check it our at

ECC Deacon Joan Crawford attended our Rocky Mountain Regional Council meeting this month to inform us of 2 upcoming opportunities to broaden our understanding of the importance of Critical Race Theory and the freedom to learn historical truths that might be uncomfortable or confrontational to some, in the context of book banning and legislative erasure of Black history and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation happening especially in conservative states.


Thanks to all who were able to participate! 

Freedom to Learn Summer 2023: Truth-Telling & Real History

Freedom to Learn” (July 13th – 15th) offered by The Privilege Institute was an opportunity to hear from nationally renowned speakers/trainers about racial understanding that is foundational for the 21st Century in order to competently address the challenges of our time. 


CRT Summer School 2023:

Defending the Freedom to Learn

The "CRT Summer School" (July 30th – Aug 3) offered by the African American Policy Forum was devoted to protecting the ideals of anti-racism and promoting democracy by teaching the texts and ideas under assault nationwide by right-wing extremists and their enablers. By revealing how attacks on Black voices and ideas are connected to attacks on Black votes and Black lives, instructors at CRT Summer School provided participants the roadmap to understanding, and the tools for combatting, growing and coordinated efforts to undermine democracy. With metastasizing book bans, CRT bans, laws like “Don’t Say Gay” and the erasure of Black history, it has never been more urgent to connect the dots between the freedom to learn and the freedom to live.  

Light of Christ's

Immigration Immersion Trip

We hope to post photos of their expereince soon.

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